By Louise Pickford

ISBN-10: 0600618609

ISBN-13: 9780600618607

ISBN-10: 0600619443

ISBN-13: 9780600619444

Advent; flavor tempters; together with: Scallops & chorizo kebabs, Yakatori poultry skewers, fowl & jalapeno quesadilla, Marinated goat cheese with herb-grilled tortilla, For vegetarians; together with: Charred chilli pumpkin wedges, Grilled corn with lime & chilli salt rub, Barbecued candy potatoes with mustard butter, Chickpea & tofu veggie burgers, Steaks & ribs; together with: Rib eye with chimichurri sauce,T-bone with garlic & parsley butter, Beer & paprika fowl, Rum & maple-glazed beef stomach, beef steaks with fennel rub, Rosemary-rubbed lamb cutlets, Lamb with tahini yogurt sauce, Fish & seafood; together with: Clam parcels with coconut, Scallops with papaya salsa, Chargrilled calamari with chilli jam, Grilled lobster tails with fennel, Salmon with lemon & olive salad, Jerk tuna with mango salsa, Prawns with garlic aioli, Burgers, scorching canines & kebabs; together with: All American burger, vintage cheeseburger, poultry burger with onion jam,Tuna burger with guacamole, Lamb burger with grilled mushrooms & rosemary aioli, Cornbread aubergine burgers with tomato, mozzarella & pesto, Prosciutto-wrapped Italian scorching canine with salsa rossa, Salads, sauces & marinades; together with: Seared pork salad with creamy mustard dressing, Tuna tataki with sesame dressing, Smoked garlic Caesar salad, Grilled vegetable salad with goat cheese dressing, combined leaf salad with pine nut dressing, Lemon, lime, chilli & thyme oil, Moroccan spice paste, barbeque sauce, candy treats; together with: Barbecued bananas with maple ice cream, Grilled pineapple with lime granita, Seared mango with strawberry sorbet, Fruit parcels with caramel sauce

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