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Every variety of karate, tae kwon do, kung fu, or different martial paintings contains the down block as a part of its kata, or varieties. The kinds are related adequate that martial artists will realize them as down blocks, although the categorical block seems varied from their very own variety. Taken jointly, those blocks make up a "universe of hundreds" of other adaptations at the easy block

75 Down Blocks explores this universe to appear for the underlying ideas universal to all down blocks.

Author Rick Clark examines seventy-five diverse attainable diversifications at the uncomplicated down block—with examples on find out how to use the down block to guard opposed to twelve types of attacks—from wrist grabs and punches to kicks and assaults with a stick.

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As the defender, you must be just as ready and willing to defend yourself against his aggressive behavior. In this situation, there is usually a split second between the moment your opponent makes a mental commitment to attack and his first move. This gives you an opportunity to initiate a defensive move. Your attack must be made first, in that split second between your opponent's thought and his action. His commitment to the attack will prevent him from responding with a defense, which gives you an important advantage.

Your right hand will pull back in a chambering motion; be careful to allow your opponent to maintain contact with your wrist. Figure 9-3: Continue to pull back with your left hand, and apply pressure to your opponent's wrist. This is accomplished by making sure that his wrist is bent and his thumb is pressed in and toward the center of his body. Figure 9-3a: This is a close-up view of the hand position. Figure 9-4: By pressing down on your opponent's thumb with your right forearm, you will be able to cause enough pain to throw your opponent toward his rear section.

An opening move 3. First action 4. The first action or movement, often intended to solve a problem 5. T he initial or leading action in a process TAKING THE INITIATIVE The concept of sen, or initiative, is a critical one throughout the martial arts. In Japanese martial arts, you'll find three distinct uses of the term. Each represents a subtly different concept, and each deserves a closer look. 7t In simple terms, go no sen means that once your opponent attacks, you defend yourself against the attack.

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