By Dana Bell

ISBN-10: 0853686548

ISBN-13: 9780853686545

A-10 Warthog: intimately & Scale

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At a time when Adolf Hitler’s fighter pilots were arguably at the peak of their prowess, Des Lauriers built replicas of their planes out of balsa wood. But flying was only one of his many interests. He wanted to be an architect. “We lived across the street from a movie theater so we went to the shows on Saturday,” Des Lauriers recalled. “I loved Tom Mix western movies. We had radio and newspapers at home, of course, but we got our visual news from the Saturday newsreels. S. Engineering Department to build bomb storage facilities at Wailoa.

Jittery about what would happen on this day, Göring also saw this as his day to shine. Göring looked “like a child with a new toy,” one observer commented, as he prepared to claim credit for Germany’s recent scientific advances. The Führer was especially interested in a new jet aircraft called the Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe (Swallow). Today Göring would be certain it was showcased to good advantage. This was his chance, he believed, to restore his on-again, off-again status in good standing with the Führer.

Hitler beamed. ” He was certainly right on that point. ” It was the right moment for Messerschmitt to add, “This aircraft is a fighter, my Führer. It has the potential to reinforce our command of the air over the Reich. ” “No one thought of this,” the Führer repeated. ” Watching this exchange, Galland felt his heart sink. Galland had met Hitler previously and knew the Führer wanted a Blitz bomber that would halt an invasion by the western Allies. Willy Messerschmitt, who knew less about the aircraft bearing his name than Hitler realized, was making it sound all too easy.

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