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The last equation as in the previous case, is numerically solved and Fig. 2 As, with a sharp boundary. g. it is also valid for diffused interfaces [3]. Again, the behavior of the energies as a function of the spatial dimension, as shown in Fig. 11, is as expected in confined systems, namely the confinement energy decreases as the size of the system increases. 12 displays the corresponding radial components of the wave functions. 4 Excitons in Nanostructures 53 Fig. 2 As barrier (after [3]) Fig.

The force is measured either by recording the bending of a cantilever on which the tip is mounted—in contact mode—or by measuring the change in resonance frequency due to the force—the trapping mode. With a 24 2 Methods of the Preparation of Low-Dimensional Structures Fig. 7 PbSe islands with {001} facets. a AFM image of the top surface of a PbSe/PbEuTe island multilayer grown on BaF2 . b The autocarrelation function. Islands are arranged in a regular array up to the sixth-nearest neighbor (after [9]) typical resolution of several nanometers laterally and several Å vertically, AFM is ideally suited to characterize the shapes of nanostructures.

9. Remarkably, these techniques make it possible to visualize a detailed map of the strain for an object of size a few tens of nanometers. From Fig. 9 it is seen clearly how the strain increases at the apex of the InGaAs island, while around the island the strain changes its sign. Concluding this paragraph, we should note that powerful characterization techniques have been developed to study nanosize objects. The techniques give 3D images in real space and on atomic scale in all three dimensions.

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