By Mark J. Johnson

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Appropriate for beginners to machine technological know-how, A Concise creation to Programming in Python presents a succinct, but whole, first direction in computing device technological know-how utilizing the Python programming language.

The e-book features:

brief, modular chapters with short and specific motives, meant for one classification period
Early advent of simple procedural constructs comparable to services, choice, and repetition, permitting them to be used during the course
items are brought in the course of the direction, and sophistication layout comes towards the end
Examples, routines, and initiatives from a variety of software domain names, together with biology, physics, pictures, sound, arithmetic, video games, and textual analysis
No exterior libraries are required, simplifying the book’s use in universal lab spaces

every one bankruptcy introduces a first-rate notion via a concrete instance and a chain of routines. Designed to coach programming in a concise, but complete method, this booklet offers a well timed creation for college students and an individual attracted to studying Python.

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Example text

Every four bits can be thought of as a single hexadecimal “digit,” since four bits can hold values between 0 and 15. Thus, the byte 01101100 can be represented as 6C hexadecimal, since 0110 equals 6 and 1100 equals 12, which is C. Python has built-in conversion functions that you may find useful: bin(n) hex(n) Binary value of integer n (as a string). Hex value of integer n (as a string). Binary strings begin with "0b" in Python, while hex strings begin with "0x". Storing Integers When a computer is described as “32-bit” or “64-bit,” that tells you the basic memory size used by its CPU.

In this chapter, we begin to develop an answer by looking at how integers are stored. Bits and Bytes Computer memory of all types may be thought of at different levels of interpretation. The bottom level is electronics and physics, which is taught in those courses. We will move up one level of interpretation and begin by thinking of memory as a sequence of electronic on/off switches. Each on/off switch is called a bit. A group of 8 bits is called a byte. In abbreviations, a small “b” refers to bits, while capital “B” refers to bytes.

1 Convert the following decimal values to binary. Indicate which can or cannot be stored precisely as floats. 2 Convert the following binary values to decimal. 3 Determine whether or not the fraction 1/3 can be stored exactly as a binary floating-point value. 4 Fix the code at the beginning of this chapter so that it terminates as apparently intended. 5 Research the connection between the storage of floats and the performance of Patriot missiles in the 1991 Gulf War. 6 Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using floating-point variables to store monetary values.

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