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But if we apply τ another three times, {1, 2, 4} will go round another periodthree cycle, and 3 and 5 will have swapped back to their original places. More concisely, τ 6 = ι. 12: Graphical depictions of larger numbers of permuting objects. permutations σ, τ, τσ and στ in S5 Ideally, we would like a new notation which is at the same time more compact, and also makes it easier to see at a glance the internal structure of the permutation. The key is to split the permutation into disjoint cyclic subpermutations, and write them as parenthesised lists.

Unpacking this definition further, for a 1×1 complex, nonzero matrix A = [z] to satisfy this requirement is equivalent to the condition 1 ¯ or zz¯ = 1. But zz¯ = |z|2 , hence U1 = {[z] ∈ GL1 (C) : |z| = 1}. z = z, The map f : U1 → C given by [z] → z is clearly an isomorphism. 6 Let K denote one of the number systems Q, R or C. Then the special linear group SLn (K), the orthogonal group On (K) and the special orthogonal group SOn (K) are all subgroups of the general linear group GLn (K). Also, SOn (K) < On (K).

X σ ( n ) ) = P ( x σ (1) , . . , x σ ( n ) ) P ( x τ (1) , . . , x τ ( n ) ) P ( x1 , . . , x n ) P ( x1 , . . , x n ) = sign(σ) sign(τ ). The transposition (1 2) has negative sign, since sign(1 2) = P ( x2 , x1 , . . , x n ) x − x1 = 2 = −1. P ( x1 , x2 , . . 60 tells us that a transposition τ = ( a b) ∈ Sn can be written as a product (1 a)(1 b)(1 a), which also has sign −1. Therefore, by the multiplicativity condition above, if σ ∈ Sn can be decomposed as a product of an even number of transpositions, then sign(σ ) = +1, and if it decomposes as an odd number of transpositions, then sign(σ ) = −1.

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