By Vilem Mathesius, Josef Vachek

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B o t h forms coexist w i t h o u t a n y difference in m e a n i n g exceeding ceedingly. = ex- Note. Adverbs lacking the suffix occur in rather vulgar speech and in American English,· but in the sense of 'unusually' the form exceeding is gaining ground even in Standard English (exceeding well). P. FIJN VAN DRAAT 1910 explains it on the ground of the r h y t h m , but there m a y be other reasons. Sometimes English appears to avoid the same ending in two successive words. After all, even in Czech it is not considered good style if t wo adverbs are used in succession and thus instead of podivuhodne jasne [remarkably clearly] it is preferable to say s podivuhodnou jasnostl [with remarkable clarity].

G. chleba [chleb — bread], syra [syr — cheese]; the original partitive character of such expressions, however, is no longer felt). W h a t means does language employ for the formal expression of these categories? Czech uses partly inflected forms (singular, the remnants of the dual, plural), partly derivation (list — listy — listi [ l e a f — leaves — foliage], cf. in German das Gesteine, das Gebirge). I n French l'article partitif in the singular indicates p a r t of mass, in the plural indefinite plurality of countable objects: des hommes (les hommes denoting generic plurality).

Especially in the intellectual variety of English found in newspapers and magazines such collocations are very common. In some cases the collocation includes not only nouns but also adverbs: the ship-to-shore telephone experiment — 'the experiment in telephoning from the ship to the shore'. A fixed substantival collocation in English is sometimes characterized by the fact that the qualifying noun morpheme, even if it has the meaning of the plural, is used without the plural ending. Thus, if an expression like three bedrooms becomes a qualifying component in a collocation, it drops the plural ending: a three bedroom house 'a house with three bedrooms'.

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A Functional Analysis of Present Day English on a General Linguistic Basis by Vilem Mathesius, Josef Vachek

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