By Irina Nikolaeva

ISBN-10: 3110186896

ISBN-13: 9783110186895

"The historic Dictionary of Yukaghir" has major reasons. First, it truly is meant as a comparatively whole resource of data at the lexicon of Yukaghir. Tundra and Kolyma Yukaghir are heavily comparable, hugely endangered languages spoken within the severe North-East of Siberia. No sleek finished lexicographic description of those languages is accessible for the foreign linguistic neighborhood. The dictionary provides all identified types of Yukaghir in comparative structure. many of the fabrics integrated come from released assets, others have been acquired through the writer via fieldwork and are released for the 1st time. The dictionary additionally includes examples of now extinct early kinds of Yukaghir, which started to be recorded within the past due seventeenth century. moment, the dictionary offers a primary reconstruction of the typical ancestor of all recognized Yukaghir kinds. The proto-Yukaghir stems are validated in accordance with inner reconstruction, comparability among a number of Yukaghir idioms, and exterior facts. even though the dictionary doesn't try to offer etymologies for all Yukaghir phrases, it contains attainable cognates of a few Yukaghir stems from different languages, ordinarily Uralic and Altaic. considering Yukaghir kinds should not merely stated of their smooth form yet are reconstructed, the dictionary will offer a starting place for destiny etymological paintings and give a contribution to investigating the genetic association of Yukaghir, often categorised as remoted. The booklet can be worthy for linguists attracted to the far-off genetic family among language households and the reconstruction of the ethnic and linguistic scenario in prehistoric northern Asia.

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The lists we have at our disposal were first published in the diary of the expedition (Wrangel 1841: 115-125) and reproduced in Starčevskij (1889: 421^37, 461^64, 639). The latter version contains many copying errors, but served as the basis of some phonological conclusions in Angere (1956), see Tailleur (1962: 57). 4). " Both in modern Kolyma and Tundra Yukaghir it generally means 'people, tribe', cf. also К om-ni: 'people'. It remains unclear to which of the Yukaghir tribes Matjuškin referred as Omok.

It is also observed in CəCə affixes such as К T -mələ/-mlə (3rd person Singular Perfective Participle and Object Focus) and К T -təgə/-tkə (Augmentative). (19) a. 3SG) Introduction344 b. 3SG) The alternation a ~ 0 can in principle be described either as epenthesis or as the deletion of a. Here the second approach is chosen because, as argued in Nikolaeva (1998), there is a phonological contrast between the a-final and consonant-final words. g. a:rə 'baby's cloth' and qa:r 'skin'. In suffixes a phonological contrast exists, for example, between the word-final Perfective Participle suffix -mə and the 3rd person Singular suffix of transitive verbs -m, cf.

4). 2). 3). Introduction 35 Generally speaking, the combinatorial potential of a consonant within a morpheme is lower than across a morpheme boundary. 5). g. ludul-tə- 'to provide with iron (iron-TR)' and urun-tə- 'to provide with a bed (bed-TR)'. The consonant r typically co-occurs with tautomorphemic voiceless obstruents, but in some cases it may precede a voiced obstruent. There are additional restrictions on the individual consonants not reflected in the tables. The consonant ŋ does not occur word-initially and ń is not allowed word-finally, although it is possible in Tundra Yukaghir.

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