By Karen Armstrong

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ISBN-13: 9780345384560

"An admirable and ambitious paintings of synthesis that may supply perception and pride to hundreds of thousands of lay readers."
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In this stunningly clever e-book, Karen Armstrong, one in every of Britain's best commentators on non secular affairs, strains the historical past of the way women and men have perceived and skilled God, from the time of Abraham to the current. From classical philsophy and medieval mysticism to the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the trendy age of skepticism, Karen Armstrong plays the close to miracle of distilling the highbrow background of monotheism into one beautifully readable quantity, destined to take its position as a classic.

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57. , 2009. 58. The A to Z of the Russo–Japanese War by Rotem Kowner, 2009. 59. The A to Z of Anglicanism by Colin Buchanan, 2009. 60. The A to Z of Scandinavian Literature and Theater by Jan Sjåvik, 2009. 61. The A to Z of the Peoples of the Southeast Asian Massif by Jean Michaud, 2009. 62. The A to Z of Judaism by Norman Solomon, 2009. 63. The A to Z of the Berbers (Imazighen) by Hsain Ilahiane, 2009. 64. The A to Z of British Radio by Seán Street, 2009. 65. The A to Z of The Salvation Army edited by Major John G.

7. Cross-referencing and “browsing” are facilitated. The use of key entries (prefixed by ) and the capitalization of words for cross-reference give something of the hypertextuality taken for granted in the electronic media. 8. Hypertextuality calls for a system of abbreviations and signs. These are all fully explained in “How to Find Things in the Dictionary” beginning on page xv, with an alphabetical List of Abbreviations on page xix. 9. Originality. The dictionary is not a mere compilation from other works of reference, but a reworking of Jewish thought from primary sources; it is a theology of Judaism in its own right.

1897 First Zionist Congress (Basel, Switzerland). 1897 Foundation of Bund (Vilnius). 1903 Kishinev pogrom. 1904 Foundation of Mizrahi (religious Zionists). 1912 Foundation of Agudat Israel. 1917 The Balfour Declaration—Britain promises a national home for Jews in Palestine. 1919 Rav Kook becomes chief rabbi of Palestine. 1920 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine given to Britain. 1925 The Hebrew University opened in Jerusalem. 1928 Yeshiva College (later University) opened in New York. 1933-1945 The Shoah (Holocaust).

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