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19) the refractive index of the medium and c is the velocity of light in vacuo. Since the relative dielectric constant is generally a function of the frequency, the velocity of propagation in most media is frequencydependent. This leads to the phenomenon known as dispersion: when a ELECTROMAGNETIC W AYES IN UNBOUNDED DIELECTRICS 37 frequency band of finite width is transmitted through the medium, the different frequencies will arrive at different times. In the case we are considering (see Fig. 2), the direction of propagation is perpendicular to the plane containing the components of the field, Ey and Hz, and the positive direction of v is given by the corkscrew rule for rotation from Ey to Hz through the smallest possible angle.

6) thus implies the correspondence E(x, y, z, t) = Re {E 0 (x, y, z) ei"''} ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES IN CONDUCTING MEDIA 47 where j represents the imaginary unit. 1 we represented a plane wave travelling along the x axis in the direction of increasing values of x by Em cos (wt- Px + cp). In our new notation, this becomes Em ej(wt-Px+ (in fact, we have now introduced the extra phase cp). Now there is one further question which needs to be considered.

2 are applied to practical situations, the region considered nearly always contains one or more air-metal, air-dielectric or other interfaces. Such interfaces often form the boundary of the region, and the field quantities are usually given along these boundaries. The solutions of the foregoing equations must of course be adjusted to coincide with the values given along the boundaries. We shall now derive a number of general conditions for interfaces by applying Maxwell's equations in integral form.

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