By Hans Petter Langtangen

ISBN-10: 3642549594

ISBN-13: 9783642549595

The booklet serves as a primary creation to laptop programming of clinical functions, utilizing the high-level Python language. The exposition is instance and problem-oriented, the place the functions are taken from arithmetic, numerical calculus, records, physics, biology and finance. The e-book teaches "Matlab-style" and procedural programming in addition to object-oriented programming. highschool arithmetic is a required heritage and it really is helpful to review classical and numerical one-variable calculus in parallel with interpreting this booklet. along with studying the best way to application pcs, the reader also will how to clear up mathematical difficulties, coming up in quite a few branches of technology and engineering, because of numerical tools and programming. via mixing programming, arithmetic and clinical functions, the publication lays a pretty good origin for working towards computational technological know-how.

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11: Compute logistic growth with time-varying carrying capacity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12: Solve an ODE until constant solution . . . . . . 13: Use a problem class to hold data about an ODE . 14: Derive and solve a scaled ODE problem . . . . . 15: Clean up a file to make it a module . . . . . . . 16: Simulate radioactive decay . . . . . . . . . . 17: Compute inverse functions by solving an ODE . . 18: Make a class for computing inverse functions .

1**2 Run the program again in Spyder or re-execute the cell in an IPython notebook. 05095 The result of the calculation has changed, as expected. Typesetting of operating system commands We use the prompt Terminal> in this book to indicate commands in a Unix or DOS/PowerShell terminal window. The text following the Terminal> prompt must be a valid operating system command. You will likely see a different prompt in the terminal window on your machine, perhaps something reflecting your username or the current folder.

11. To get an overview of the time it takes for the ball to move upwards and return to y = 0 again, we can look for solutions to the equation y = 0: 1 1 v0 t ≠ gt2 = t(v0 ≠ gt) = 0 ∆ t = 0 or t = 2v0 /g . 1) to t œ [0, 2v0 /g]. 1) for a specific choice of v0 , g, and t. 81 m/s2 makes the ball come back after t = 2v0 /g ¥ 1 s. This means that we are basically interested in the time interval [0, 1]. 6 s. 6**2 The four standard arithmetic operators are written as +, -, *, and / in Python and most other computer languages.

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