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E. Types) in each move were counted, and entered into an SPSS file for descriptive and statistical analysis. 1), such normalization of the frequencies is necessary to make the data comparable. To determine the significant linguistic features in each move of the two disciplines, a negative binomial model was fitted to the data. e. there are no types that are typical of a move). e. the real data of the study). 1 Total number of words in each move Move Number of words in each move of each discipline Moves in the Abstract Applied linguistics 1 Situating the research 252 2 Presenting the research 655 720 3 Describing the methodology 839 779 1,179 1,288 581 397 4 Summarizing the findings 5 Discussing the research 6 Establishing a territory Moves in the main article 250 Educational technology 33,069 25,484 7 Establishing a niche 3,160 1,514 8 Presenting the present work 7,039 5,656 26,198 12,843 7,601 4,411 5,154 3,956 9 Describing the data and data collection procedure 10 Describing the data analysis procedure 11 Preparing for the presentation of the Results section 12 Reporting specific/individual results 20,207 16,196 13 Commenting on specific results 6,167 2,439 14 Summarizing results 1,131 162 15 Preparing for the presentation of the Discussion section 16 Summarizing the study 1,772 1,068 388 357 17 Highlighting overall research outcome 18 Discussing the findings of the study 7,633 5,436 15,749 10,186 19 Drawing conclusions of the study 1,526 913 20 Evaluating the study 2,493 1,909 21 Deductions from the research 8,171 4,316 150,962 100,282 Total of the statistical model can be found in Appendix L.

Three types of that-complement construction were then counted separately: that-clause controlled by a verb, that-clause controlled by an adjective, and that-clause controlled by a noun. 2. As this method can only extract that-complement clauses with the complementizer, the cases with deleted that would be missed out. g. Charles, 2004, 2006a, b, c, 2007; Francis, Hunston, Analysis of Move Structure and Authorial Stance 37 1. e. How writers say it) – That-clause type a. That-clauses controlled by verbs: We argue that …; It should be noted that … b.

G. g. g. g. Further studies need to be carried out …). g. g. g. emphatic ‘do’ or imperative structure). e. studying how writers express their attitude or judgment, and thus the two terms can be said to be used in more or less the same way. e. whether the writer shows his/her presence explicitly or implicitly in the text), as well as the writer’s expression of attitudes, feelings, judgments about a proposition or entity in the text. Some of the definitions of ‘stance’ or ‘evaluation’ in previous studies entail that stance refers to writers’ attitudes or judgments only.

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