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Delegation-concession contracts in France: Various forms Delegated management can take two forms, both of which have the character of public law contracts. However, they are not financed in the same manner. The first form is a concession, or lease contract. Here, the contract winner is effectively paid by the end user. The concessionaire is responsible for building, maintaining and managing a water distribution system, while the lessee is responsible for maintaining and running an already existing system.

Grimsey, D. & Lewis, M. K. (2005) “Are Public Private Partnerships value for money? Evaluating alternative approaches and comparing academic and practitioner views” Accounting Forum, 29 (4): 345-378. Grimsey, D. & Lewis, M. K. (2004) “The Governance of Contractual Relationships in Public-Private Partnerships” Journal of Corporate Citizenship, 15: 91-109. Hill, B. (2003) “The curious case of the 300 buses that never were”, Sydney Morning Herald 6 June 2003. Available at http://www. oneclick=true, last accessed 29 March 2005.

Australian experiences of PPPs: Public debates on PPP issues Disputes over PPP planning and implementation have often been ideological, but there are valid criticisms to be made. Cannadi and Dollery (2005) show that, despite proliferation of PPPs in local public infrastructure, the approach has given mixed results. They recommend that “policy makers should employ a nuanced performance evaluation framework to assess the benefits and weaknesses of private provision on the basis of the specific type of infrastructure in question and the kind of services it provides rather than simply endorse carte blanche privatization” (Cannadi & Dollery, 2005: 112).

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